Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day.

I went out for our towns Labor Day street dance for the first time in 5 years of us living here!  I was so excited all day and I had a blast with Dad and some amazing friends!  I could not have asked for a better time!
Bucky Badger! The band is always amazing!

The middle school marching band and flag corps

C, J and K watching the old tractors come through!

D towards the end of the parade after he finally calmed down!
The next day we had our towns parade.  D is SO NOT FOND OF LOUD NOISES!  I tried warning Dad but he thought I was just over-reacting.  He found out later I was not!  I had to stand in the alley with D while he screamed!  Even through that we all still had fun and the kids got a huge bucket full of candy!

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