Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day

I love any chance I get to celebrate anyone in our family.  However, we are very intent on not spending a crazy amount of money.  That is not what we are celebrating!  On that note Father's Day this year, we decided the kids would hand make everything for Dad.  They were so excited to go shopping for supplies!

We kept it very simple, but it just about celebrating the amazing man we call Dad.  We are so lucky to have Dad in our lives.  He is a hero, a fixer of broken toys, a movie watching snuggle in with a blanket type of man.  He loves and adores each of the kids for their uniqueness and their spirit.  He pushes them to do their best because he knows they have it in them.  He is a sounding board form and listens with open ears.

Our house is turned upside down as soon as the kids figure out Dad is home from work.  Even the dog starts to go crazy!  They fight over who gets to help him bring his stuff inside.  We try to celebrate him everyday.

We are truly blessed to have a Dad like you!  We love you and Thank you!

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