Friday, June 1, 2012

Little Boys

K and D playing with Ant hills.....
Oh little boys!  I seriously never know what to expect each day.  Lately with K it has been a fascination with ants and bugs.  He actually dug up an ant hill enough to dig some of the eggs out!  GROSS!  I am still a little dumbfounded about that.  I am not a bug person what-so-ever, so this nice little trait totally grosses me out. 

Today Dad got home from work, the two little boys ran outside to greet him.  When I went out to help carry stuff inside, this is what I saw.  Both completely into watching the new ant hill they found.  I go a little closer and they are poking sticks into the opening to block the ants from getting out.

I can honestly say, life is never dull when you have little boys(actually just kids for that matter)!  I have learned to never be surprised by what they say, bring me or look like.

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