Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Summer has officially started!  Swim lessons, ball, cook-outs.....Love it!  J, C and K all started swim lesson today.  This is K's first year and as I figured he would, he talked the life guards ear off!  This kid has NO FEAR of water, which scares the heck out of me!  We have unfortunately had a few close calls with him and water because of him being too brave!

J and C are both in level 2 this year.  It is so funny to me because Dad and I are not that into water, but our kids(except for D) are all fish!  I really liked their classes this year because it is one life guard per 2 children.  So they really have individual attention, and as a mom, I love that I know they are actually being watched.

K with his instructor.
D waiting and watching

K, instructor and partner

J and C with their instructor.
See K sneaking some toys!

I thought this was cute!
C with her instructor.

And this is what happens with all of
the summer stuff!
K passed out before supper!

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