Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Army Guy" box

Just a sample of what we put in the box.

I had the kids assigned a solider, a Marine actually, to send a care package too.  His name is CPL Tyler Rollins.  The kids are so excited.  Today we are doing crafts and each writing a letter to add to the box.  They love the fact that this is going to an "Army Guy". 

Now I know that some people may get offended because not everyone is an Army Guy.  However, I hope that you understand that some of the children doing this box are small.  Their uncle was an Army guy and that is how they make the association.  J is old enough now to understand there are different branches of Military, but it is just easier with D to say "Army Guy".  They associate that with any solider what-so-ever.

Today we will be finishing off the box with personally wrote letters from the kids(little ones will be drawing pictures).  They have been waiting for this day, and I am a little anxious at how many edits I will have to make to the letters, and what exactly is on their little minds.  They have a pretty healthy understanding of soldiers (as much as kids should), they have 2 uncles and 1 aunt who served in Iraq.  Also lots and lots of family who served on some branch of military through out our history.  Dad and I teach our kids to be very proud of these people!  They have fought for what we have today!  In all honesty I think I am probably as excited as them to send this box off, and wait for their response!  Can't wait to see their faces.

The name we got was actually a name from a fellow Thirty One sister whose husband is stationed overseas currently.  They put together a fun project call "Operation Pink Box".  Our Thirty One boxes are hot pink on the outside, so it is very distinct when they get them in the mail!

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