Monday, July 16, 2012

Our summer school

K was the only one who would let
me take his picture while working!
I have been working with some school work during this summer.  Very minor stuff, but enough to keep their little brains in thinking mode!  It is all review we do with J,C,and K.  D we are working with learning colors, shapes... that sort of thing.  I try to keep it light and when they want to do it so it doesn't seem forced.  I don't want this to become a fight, I want them to want to learn!
A small sampling of the flash cards I made.
I am currently on the look out for J and K for some great books.  This is a slight challenge because J LOVES anything non-fiction and about animals.  K on the other hand, loves fiction!  Anything about Dinosaurs!  So they have two VERY different interests! 

C on the other hand is super easy!  She is currently reading anything that I used to read!  The American Girl collection are popular right now, Samantha is her current favorite followed by Molly.  Next is Little House on the Prairie, and she is excited!

D loves anything to do with Tractors, Big Trucks(Semis) and Elmo!!  So he is super easy and we still have a bunch of those kinds of books from the other 3.  In all honesty I can't hardly get through a book with him because he wants to tell me what he sees in the pictures, or gets bored!

I would love any suggestions on books for the boys!  What did your boys love to read at the ages of 8 and 5?  We have read some Magic Tree House.  It is hard to find non-fiction that is at a high enough reading level for Joseph.

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