Thursday, July 19, 2012

Daddy's HOME!

I adore this picture of D with Dad!
Late yesterday afternoon Dad finally made it home!  He has been gone visiting family in Kentucky and Mississippi.  The kids did great, but I knew how terribly they missed him.  We are used to him being gone for a few days here and there, but it is a different feeling when he is gone for 5 days and we know there is no way he could get home in one day!  To be exact he was 16 hours away.

We had fun grilling out and playing outside last night.  There was a small amount of disappointment when clouds rolled in.  Not because we were sad it might rain, we were sad it did NOT rain!  We need rain so bad!  We are currently having a drought and we need it so bad!

The reason for Dads visit with family was actually not in the best circumstances.  He went down to visit his uncle.  His Uncle F is in his final stages of cancer.  Dad wanted to make sure he got down to visit him.  Even amongst the circumstances, they all had a good time.  He doesn't get to see this portion of his family that often.  It was nice for him to catch up and see everyone.

I am happy that he got a chance to visit with his family and to see his uncle.  I am also glad to have him home!  I love this man, and our days are defiantly thrown off when he is gone.

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