Monday, July 16, 2012

No Soda

Some of you may know, but I have challenged myself to stop drinking Soda.  I grew up drinking it, I honestly really like it.  As a goal Dad and I have promised to live a healthier lifestyle.  We want to instill this in our children, so it becomes a second nature to them. 

I have researched why exactly soda is bad for you.  And, for obvious reasons we do not let our kids drink anything with caffeine and would prefer they didn't drink any soda.  Well I was being a complete hypocrite for telling the kids they can not have soda as I sat and drank one right in front of them!  What kind of example was I setting!?!?

I have tried many other times to stop but I would always cave!  This time I am bound and determined to see this through.  Guess what!  I am going on 3 months now with no soda!!!!  I am so happy!
I have not really seen any weight loss per say, but I just feel so much better about myself.  I make conscious decisions when we go out to eat.  Instead of ordering a soda, I just order water.   It was easy to stop while I am at home.  We don't keep anything in the house except milk, water and coffee.  The challenge is when we are out and about, or when I am running errands when I just want to grab something quick.

Now I will admit that I did have 1 soda in this time.  That is only because we had Root Beer floats for a snack!    I am by no means judging anyone who does drink soda.  This is a personal choice for myself and my family.

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