Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mini Trip

Heading to the water park!
We surprised the kids with a weekend trip to a local Water Park and Hotel.  They kids love going here (and honestly so do Dad and I). 
Being silly at BWW
Love D checking out Daddy!

We had a room that over looked the river, which the kids loved!  They even got to see a Barge come in loaded with John Deere tractors!  We took them out to a fun restaurant (buffalo wild wings) and had an early supper. 

J and C being goofy!
We went back to the hotel afterwards and got ready to go the water park.  J,C,and D were SO excited!  It was cute to see how excited they were!  D on the other hand, well he is not a fan of water play!  Yeah, let's just say he was almost dry when we left 2 hours later, and he screamed just about the whole time!!  I hope he gets over this, I would have loved to see him have as much as the other kids did!

K :)
Watching the Barge.
After we got back to our room, we were all craving something sweet, but room service was closed.  So Dad ran to A&W to get some goodies and we sat in the room watching a movie and eating.  The kids crashed right away, which we figured! 
I love this picture!

The next morning after getting ready to leave, we headed over  to the next town and at breakfast at
this fun little cafe.  We have eaten at
this cafe often when we are in town.
Great hometown food!
It was such a great weekend and everyone had a blast!  I love being able to do these sort of things with the kids!
J and D doing maze puzzles.
C waiting for our pancakes.
D and Dad waiting for Breakfast.


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