Saturday, December 22, 2012

2 days extra for break

The kids(mainly J) were super excited that they now get 2 extra days added to Christmas break.  With the blizzard that hit yesterday it was obvious they would not have school.  But today a lot of the roads are still not cleared.  I love having them home even more!  We spent the last two days having so much fun!  I only wished Dad could be here with us to enjoy it all.  He unfortunately has to work.

This was at the very beginning of the blizzard yesterday.  There is a road in between our house and the house across the way.  You can not even tell where it was!

So we decided to bake! I turned on Christmas music that we listened to all day!  While I was mixing up the first batch of goodies I heard something.  I looked down at the floor and I see D attempting very diligently to sing the 12 days of Christmas(you can see he was on number 3).  It was so cute!

This is the beginning of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins!  Which are gone already!
The goodies we made on Thursday.  So yummy!
I love this picture!  I don't know the total of snow we had here, but I know around us it was from 12 to 16 inches!

D tried so hard to help me shovel.  He couldn't get it scooped up so he would push the snow on the shovel with his hand and then push it!  It was so funny and cute to see his determination.

Time for hot cocoa and marshmallows! Yummy

The aftermath of the hot cocoa! :)  And yes we ended the day watching a Very Brady Christmas!  Don't judge, I love the brady bunch!


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