Thursday, December 27, 2012

Saying good bye

is never an easy thing to do.  As I wrote before we spent Christmas in the hospital with Dads family and Papa.  Papa was not doing good and we knew it was only a matter of time.  Papa went to meet Jesus last night.  He was surrounded by almost all of his kids. 

His struggle is now over, but that does not make our grief any less.  I truly think that children have a better knowledge of death and the other side, then what we give them credit for.  When we told the kids this morning(Dad didn't get home until well after 11pm and to sleep after 3am), J informed me before I could even finish the sentence: "Mom he isn't hurting anymore, I bet Jesus welcomed him with a big hug."  I am crying as I write that last statement because that is what I imagined also.

Saying your final good-bye sucks.  But it is selfish to think you are keeping them here for them.  They are in pain, suffering and have no life to live.  We needed to let them go for them.  This earth is not our true home.  Now he is home.  I will love you forever Papa, and will always remember you infectious smile and laugh and how you always had to "pick" at people.  You wanted to tease from the very first time I met you.  That is how I will remember you!

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