Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What have we been up to?

We have been CRAZY busy, as I am sure everyone else has been!  I feel like I have been running non-stop, and that I will be until the new year!  So here is a quick update on different things from last week.

J and C go to youth group on Wed. nights.  They have so much fun and love it.  This week they learned about why we are celebrating Christmas and they had a new memory verse, John 3:16.  They also had craft time and made Dad and I Christmas cards.  Tell me these are not the most precious cards!!

When I got home from picking them up at youth group, Dad stayed home with K and D.  The picture below is what I walked into.  It was cute because they were both watching a new movie and totally zoned out, but we realized they were so wore out.  This was the day before the onset of some nasty colds.  'Tis the season!

And of course all of the Christmas baking!  My Scandinavian roots were coming out!  These are Rosettes, and only able to be made with a Nordic iron.  I remember my Mom and "Aunt" (a lovely neighbor) making these every Christmas season.  The second picture are cut-out cookies and spritz cookies.  Super easy and oh so yummy!!  I started a diet and exercise program the day before(I know, dumb move) so I had to behave! 

This is always and will always be one of my favorite sites!  The kids all fight over who gets to sit with Dad at night time.  He actually has had all 4 of them in that chair! 

And finally, it was one of my daycare girls birthday this week.  K wanted to help make her cake so this is what he did.  He took a little food coloring and made a smiley face with it!  He was so proud.

I can't wait to post next week, with all of our Christmas pictures! 

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