Thursday, December 6, 2012

A PINning experience

As most of you know I love checking out pinterest when I have free time.  I have tried a few things here and there.  The other day I saw a quote somewhere that said something about doing all of these Pins, but never doing anything with them.  Well I decided I will do something with them.  Once a week I will do a post on something I picked out from pinterest.  I will show you the good, bad and ugly. 

So this weeks pin is: Coconut Oil face scrub
Pinned Image

I was very reluctant to try this.  I have oily skin and break out quite easily.  In my head I saw adding oil to my already oily skin!  I am crazy!  Well let me say I just scrubbed my face and I am AMAZED!  I am so following this routine ever day!  My skin feels so soft and smooth!  And this is only day one!  This is a definite thumbs up!

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