Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I am a mean Mommy!

Every year before Christmas I always have the kids go through their rooms and get rid of a bunch of toys and movie to give away.  This year I have heard lots and lots of I WANTS.  And it is getting on my nerves.  So I decided to do things  a little different this year.  While J and C were at school I completely emptied out their closets and toy boxes.  I didn't take a before picture because I am to embarrassed by them!  The bag above is full of broken toys and garbage.

I went through all of their clothes and got rid of the ones they never wear and swapped out hand me downs.

In the middle of cleaning the closet I hear D yelling Mama look at me.  This is what I turn around to!  Too funny!
This is so embarrassing!  The boys room was defiantly messier; however, C will be getting a big talk when she gets home.  To list 3 of her infractions: her bottom drawer which is just suppose to be pj's was filled with all of her missing clothes that she didn't want to put away.  They were so wrinkled that I had to wash them again!  I found all of her missing Cd's under her bed(don't ask me why).  Then the big No No, she decided she didn't like her medicine one night when she was sick and threw the half chewed tablets under her bed!  I am very disappointed and upset by this one! 

This is the giant tub of stuff we are giving away!  It is completely over-flowing!

I also have another tub with this on the top of it.  Next to it is a envelope with chores listed in there.  At the end of each night after they are suppose to pick up,whatever is left on the floor or not where it is suppose to be will be placed in the tub.  They can earn one item back at a time, by choosing a different chore listed.

I feel like a mean mom for doing it this way, but I am so tired of cleaning everything myself and the kids not realizing what I do for them every day!

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