Tuesday, December 4, 2012

This has been on my mind...

I posted this quote on facebook the other day.  Ever since I had kids I have always thought, "what are they going to be when they grow up?".  What parent doesn't?  But, lately I have had another thought.  What is the legacy I will leave them?  How do I want them to remember me, what I did, who I was? 

I don't mean this just by the works I do, what am I passing on to the next generation.  Was I a hard worker, who always instilled good morals.  Was I quick to forgive, or did I talk bad and hold grudges...

It makes me think more and more about my actions in life.  You never know when your kids are watching and when they will replay what you have shown them.  How is my life going to impact my little children when they are adults.  How will they remember me, what will they tell their children about me?  Not only do I want them to be proud, I want them to see how I want them to be when they grow up.

What is the legacy you will leave your children?


  1. I will definitely have to remember that the day I ever have kids. Very good stuff! :)


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