Sunday, December 9, 2012

School Christmas Program

We had J, C and K's Christmas program for school today.  Sadly Dad could not make it because he had to work. :(  I was able to record the kids singing though, so he will get to watch them tonight when he gets home. I wanted to download them on here, but it will not let me do any videos.
The kids were all so stinkin' cute!  I love seeing all of them dressed up in their Christmas clothes!
C with her brand new outfit.  I have to say, I was terribly disappointed with A LOT of stores on the clothes they had for girls.  This outfit is something I put together from 4 different stores and 1 hand me down!  She was hesitant about the hat, but warmed up.  Which I am so happy cause I love it!

Ignore the boots!  We were getting ready to head out the door!  Isn't K just a little sweetie!

Again, ignore boots!  J was so proud!  I got him a "real" tie this year.  And Dad even taught me how to tie it!  What do you think!

Yup, even though D was just watching the program he wanted to be all dressed up.  I found the boys all matching ties yesterday and they were on sale!  I could not pass them up!
We were anxiously waiting for it to start!  He was so cute, he made sure everyone around us was clapping after each song.  If they didn't, he told them, "CLAP!".


  1. Your kids are the cutest!! Love their Christmas outfits!!

    1. Thanks Katey! I thought I did pretty good!


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