Friday, November 9, 2012

25 Things you may not know about me.

1. I crack my ring finger on my right hand CONSTANTLY!  It jammed a long time ago, in a violent game of basket ball with my brother and now it cracks whenever I want it.  Kind of a nervous habit.

2. I can not stand to see the elderly cry.  I will automatically start tearing up.  I don't care if it is tears of happiness or sorrow, I will be crying too.

3. I have scars on each of my ankles from a surgery that I had as a newborn baby.

4. I just put a pit in the top of our stove last night while canning beets :( and I am mad!

5. If I were tested I would most likely have OCD.  Even Dad says so!

6. I can play the piano and clarinet.  I still have songs from years ago that I memorized that I can play.

7. I broke my leg when I was 4, by trying to slide down the side of a slide(the fireman's pole) and fell on it.

8. I used to live in Phoenix, AZ.

9. I am obsessed with Pinterest!  It is like a drug for a crafty person!

10.  I am trying my hardest to have a "Green thumb".  This year was actually a great start!  Hoping next year is way better!

11. I met Dad while I was working at Subway!  But we had actually met each other YEARS before that when we were little.

12. There are three states I would LOVE to live in for a while: New York, Kentucky, and Montana!

13. I am very easily entertained with almost anything historical.  Turn on the history channel and I am glued, give me a story about my ancestry and you will loose me for hours!

14. I had an eating disorder in high school(not proud, but it is part of my history).

15. I have been pregnant 6 times and am blessed with 4 children and two angel babies.


17. I used to help my grandma clean her house and I loved it!  She would always tell me stories about her growing up or courting grandpa.  Some of my favorite memories were spent down at there house.

18. I had a cat who would hop like a rabbit(back hips were fused together) named Orlando.  I was slightly obsessed with Orlando Magic!

19. On that note, I also had a one legged chicken!  A possum got into her cage when she was a chick and got her other leg.  She was the oldest living chicken we ever had!

20. I love almost any of the Real Housewife shows!  Dad hates this!  I do not like the Miami one and wish DC would come back.

21. I would rather read a newspaper then look online at the news.

22. I can crochet(nothing fancy) and it is so relaxing!

23. If I could time travel I would go to Pioneer days or the 1940s!

24. I want to learn how to hunt so I can go out with Dad.

25. I was a FAT baby!  Not solid, not little gopher cheeks.  I was a rollie pollie pudgy baby with jowls!


  1. Its funny how many of these I knew/remembered!!

    1. Ash, You were probaly one person that knew almost all of these :)


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