Sunday, November 4, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 4

My silly kids!  I never guessed that my heart would be so full of love for each one of these silly crazy kids!  It is amazing how you can love each one so much in their own unique way!
J has a heart of gold(as do all 4) and is such a little man! You can have some amazing conversations with this kid!  I swear he is going to be a vet or doc or professional hunter when he grows up!  Such knowledge of animals!
C and her sassy little tushie!  I always wanted a girl!  At this point I am glad God blessed me with only one! ;)  She stresses me out, but there is absolutely nothing better then having our little girl times together when she totally opens up to me!
K my little love bug!  He easily will melt everyones heart with those big cow eyes of his!  He loves hugs and I hear "I love you mama" about 50 times a day(honestly does it get old?!).  An incredibly compassionate heart!
D my little stinker!  He is defiantly the comedian of the bunch!  Always trying to get out of the trouble that he made, by making us laugh.  The funny faces that kid comes up with!
God also blessed us with 2 angel babies.  Even though we didn't get to meet them in person, I know we will meet them in Heaven one day.  We pray for them daily. 
We have been blessed that God entrusted us with these little lives!

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