Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A new project, a step into the unknown!

I decided to make C a bunk bed for her A.G. doll.  She has commented on them in the catalogs, but I just can't bring myself to spend $100+ on them.  I have used a few power tools before, but never to the extent of having to measure, cut, drill, screw....... So it is interesting! 

This is still very rough, I need to fill, sand, paint and add the accessories.

I am excited because I am half way done with it now.  I only have to finish sanding, painting and making the bedspread.  I have a few other projects in mind, we will see if I can get them done before Christmas. 

This bunk bed has cost me a total of $8.00!  We had some scrap wood pieces from an old bed frame downstairs, so my wood was free(Love that word!).  I had to pay for paint and material for the finishing touches.

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