Thursday, November 8, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 8

Our Military men and women.  Really can anyone thank them enough for what they have done?!  I will never be able to list everyone that I know who has served in some way or another.  Both of my parents were in the Air Force, Dads uncles and father were all in different branches(national guard, marine, navy.....)  Dads sister and two of my brothers both served in the Middle East (Army reserves, and National Guards).  One of the brothers will be going back over seas next year.
My maternal grandfather was a POW of the Korean War(yes war, not conflict this is one thing that bugs me).  After my Nana's passing last year we came across some of his journals detailing what he went through while in the camps.  I am sure he didn't even write everything down, I could barely read some of the parts!
I have tracked my and Dads genealogy way back and can find someone who served in just about every war.  From the Revolutionary war on.  I have a relative who died on the beaches of Normandy.
I have lost a friend who served his country.  Needless to say I am forever grateful to all of you who have served!

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