Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I had a craving this morning, so as soon as I dropped the kids off at school I pulled everything out and started mixing up my Chocolate Chip cookies.  I was going to do a post on the recipe and getting ready to take pictures.
I realized after 10 minutes that my oven had still not preheated...hm.  So I opened it and checked the thermometer in it, still at 150* after 10 minutes.  Starting to panic, I shut it off and restarted it(don't ask me why, but I was hoping it was reload itself, out of desperation).  It still had not preheated, so I called the company it was bought from.  From what I described he said it sounds like it could just be an element($80+ compared to a new stove at $700+). 
So I sit here waiting for the service man to get here and PRAYING he tells me good news.  And on top of it, I am craving Chocolate chip cookies even more now :(

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