Thursday, November 22, 2012

Our Thanksgiving

I love to share my recipes with anyone, but a big reason of me doing this post is because it makes it so much easier to look them up!  Honestly, my recipe box is so over stuffed I have trouble finding them, and a lot I do not write down it is all by memory.

The day before I started cold water brineing the Turkey.  So this actually started our first (and really only) issue.  I cook our turkey in my nesco so I can have my oven free for making pies and other goodies.  Well the turkey was so big that the lid would not fit on my nesco so I am currently improvising with a foil lid!  I told Dad now we know we can only have about a 18lb turkey. :)  Oops.

I also made the pumpkin pie the night before so it had time to cool.  I am excited because this is the first year I have actually made my own pumpkin pie(Grammy usually makes this and gives it to us).  I hard boiled eggs and let them cool(in their shells) over night.

I started at 5am this morning.  I know this seems crazy since it is just my little family of 6 that we do Thanksgiving with, but we had a HUGE turkey this year(23lbs).  I got it from a friend, which I was so excited cause she did not charge an arm and a leg and I knew how this turkey was raised and what it was fed!  I rinsed off the brine(I will do a specific post of recipes next) and placed the thawed turkey into the nesco.  Mixed a little water and butter in the bottom and sprinkled the turkey with different seasonings.  Covered with my "Lid" and cooked for 5 hours at 325*.

Next was Dad's favorite, Blueberry pie.  We always have those two kinds( blueberry and pumpkin) J an Dad argue about that and the rolls.  Dad like dinner rolls and J like crescent rolls!  Ah boys!  I also whipped the deviled egg filling and got the eggs peeled and filled.  Peeling the sweet potatoes and boiling them, right now.  I still have to make the corn bake and bake the rolls, but that will be closer to lunch time since I want them warm.  Last are the easy things, green beans and cranberry jelly.  Yes I used canned jelly, but that is how I grew up and I love it!  Dad hates the stuff, but C and I will probably eat the whole thing!

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