Thursday, November 1, 2012


All four kids plus my nephew.  I love the face that I still get to pick D's costume.  With J,K and C I have very little choice.  Just a say if it is too gross!  J was Hulk, K was a Marine, C a fairy, D and E Thing 1 and Thing 2!  

And boy did these costumes fit these two so well!  They are nothing but a couple of
mischievous makers!

Our first house they were running full force to be the first there!

A neighbors dog, that I totally wanted to abduct and take home with me!  Is she not the cutest thing!!!  I love Roxie, but come on!!!
Everyone did so good this year!  D even carried his candy bag most of the way, which surprised me until I realized he just didn't want me to have his candy!  Probably a smart move on his part!  And to top off the end of Trick-or-Treating, they kids ran back up to our house and rang the door bell and made Dad think there was more kids there!  What little stinkers!
Now that I am a Mom every Holiday is so much fun for me!  I love setting up the little traditions that we do in our little family!  Now that J and C are older I realize that it is not just important to me, but they look forward to those things each year also!  I love my kids and my little family so much!  God has blessed me!

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